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The use of infrared radiation in industrial processes as drying or transformation commonly results in:

  • energy savings,
  • increased efficiency,
  • mode compact and flexible equipment.

Hence, the use of infrared radiating equipment in the sectors of paper, mechanicals, textile, injection moulding, food processing, wood processing, the automotive industry, … is rapidly increasing.

In today’s context of energy consciousness with an increasing number of operators, technological alternatives, competition between traditional an renewable energy sources, the selection of technology  will be based around three axis:

  • radiation solution, 
  • market expectations,
  • energy consumption. 

The best solution can only be elaborated if a cost effective energy is chosen together with the most performant radiating technology, the integration into a well engineered structure, adaptated to the process requirements, respect of the regulations of the industry and the final user.  The intervention of a real specialist is required to elaborate the best solution.

This is why ERATEC offers a whole range of services :

  • Marketing: market research for the introduction of your new product and process, …
  • R&D: project management and development work, technology transfer, …
  • Engineering: technology integration studies, modification and/or improvement of thermal processes, calculation and dimensioning of equipment, …
  • Expertise: audit and diagnostics on industrial processes, energy efficiency analyses, 
  • Consulting: innovation, technology search, decision making, training, … 

With the global target of successful development and project conclusion within a neutral and confidential collaboration framework.