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Metal Fiber Burner : Optimal heating solution !

Because of its exceptional characteristics (shape versatility, design adapted to the application …) and the possible advantage (installation most compact, most flexible, most efficient, most safe, most clean, most durable and therefore most economic), the Metal Fibre Burner has been able to gain significant market shares in different applications. New developments are continually being made.

  • Drying: Coatings, Powder paint, Textiles, Ceramics, …
  • Heating: forging, Die heating, Foundries, Plastic processing, ...
  • Baking-Cooking: Food industry
  • Agricultural industry: leaf thinning, weeding (ragweed...) …

To give a new impulse in your industrial activity, you need to consider INFRARED METAL FIBER BURNERS:

  • The job (drying, heating, ...) must be performed quicly
  • We heat directly the product
  • You need a flexible unit to just use teh rigth energy requirements for the application (power tuning, variable width selection)
  • You want to save space

If you select the ERATEC INFRARED SYSTEM fitted to your applications it will lead to substantial benefits:

  • Quality: meeting product specifications for any grade because of power density and easy and instantaneous system tuning  
  • Energy savings: only the rigth quantity of energy is used, specific heating of product, no preheating, instant in/off
  • Compactness: the high thermal efficiency allows smaller dimension installations (space savings)

How we can work together ?

           => Process improvment strategy

  • Together we perform a gap analysis: where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow  
  • Design a solution that will meet your needs
  • Evaluate the proposal: cost-benefit, Performance, Enhancements, Sizing, ... 
  • Agreeing on the solution
  • Implement the solution


  • Head burners made of stainless or aluminized steel, 
  • Premix systems  (Atmospheric, Fan driven…),
  • Burners control systems 

Eratec can deliver integrated combustion packages and provide technical support to customers in all issues relating to the design.