With an experienced team, ERATEC is able to mobilize a network of partners brings together experts,service companies, laboratories and research centers offering technical and commercial solutions foroptimal customization.

The main partners of ERATEC are :


Bekaert Combustion Technology (B) : 

Bekaert Combustion Technology (www.bekaert.com/heatingis a manufacturer of Metal Fiber Burners dedicated to residential and domestic market. Eratec develops the use of Metal Fiber Burners for industrial applications. The fibrous support Bekinit® is manufactured by Bekaert.  


Evinerude (Fr)  : 

Evinerude (www.evinerude.fris a consulting firm in ecology. It comes as part of enviromental impact studies, management plans of sensitive natural areas... With his skills, Evinerude is the partner of Eratec for the determination of the air quality (after waste gas combustion and for the weeding applications by thermal shock.


Eco d2 Synergie  (Fr) :

Eco d2 synergie (www.eco-d2-synergie.fris a group of companies located in France and dedicated to the environment and sustainable development.This network of experts sharing of skills for managing environmental projects: energy efficiency, water treatment, waste management, risk analysis, industrial, landscaping job... Eric ROGEMOND, Manager of Eratec, is the President of this organization since January 2008.