The energy of your developments

Close to the customer, on a daily basis interpreting their needs:


Listening, analyzing, developing:

Based on a thorough analysis of the problem, we study in collaboration with our customer the limitations of your application or your equipment.  We elaborate a specification, design a solution, sometimes after laboratory testing and establish options both technically and financially.  

Ecouter, Analyser et Développer 

Example: measurement of heating curve of a cast iron piece in order to determine the equipment required to cure a powder coating applied.


Design and conceive

Our engineering department designs the elaborated solution with technical drawings, schemas and complete technical dossier.

Brûleur cylindrique interne Traitement des COV sur cheminée

Example: cylindrical, inward radiating burner for the abatement of volatile organic components


Manufacture and assemble

After validation of technical drawings and dossier, we manufacture the burners or infrared radiating equipment.  The different components are assembled based on the instructions of our engineering department and in line with the applicable norms.


Equipement mobile pour le séchage des toits avant dépôt de cellules photovoltaïques Equipement mobile pour le séchage des toits avant dépôt de cellules photovoltaïques

Example: mobile infrared radiating equipment to dry roof tops prior to application of photovoltaic cells.


Testing, control, adjustment

Every burner or equipment is tested prior to shipment.  Depending on customer requirements, we controle, measure, adjust and check good functioning: flame aspect, air/gas ratio, power output, combustion quality and pollutants emission, pressures and safety features, …

Réglage du ratio air/gaz de radiants infrarouges

Example: adjustment of air/gas ration on infrared radiating burner


Installation and start-up on site

If requested, we can do the installation and start-up of equipment on site.  Our technical dossier contains all necessary information for installation, start-up and maintenance.  During start-up on site, we train the operators on the use of our equipment.  

Installation de radiants infrarouges sur un four agro-alimentaire

Example: installation of infrared radiating burners in an industrial baking oven 


Maintenance and repair

We offer standard warranty of one year.  On top of the recommendations for maintenance, we offer ad hoc maintenance interventions and maintenance contracts on our equipment.

Maintenance de brûleur sur un four agro-alimentaire  

Example: maintenance of burners in an industrial baking oven