The success of your projects and developments

Eratec intervenes in many industrial projects where the main purpose is the determination of savings.

  • Energy consumption
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Quality.  


Support, consulting and know-how collection on ovens and furnaces for food processing and coating curing

We can help you:

On your existing equipment

  • To better understand the thermal behaviour, 
  • To diagnose curing problems and identify improvement opportunities,
  • To install process monitoring tools,
  • To analyse and understand the energy flows,
  • To quantify the environmental impact,
  • To plan the maintenance and the life cycle management of your equipment.


Agroalimentaire - Optimisation d’un four à convection par intégration d’infrarouge pour la cuisson de biscuit

Example : food processing - Optimisation of a hot air baking oven through the integration of infrared radiating technology

Peinture - Optimisation d’un four de cuisson peinture poudre par ajout d’une capacité infrarouge dans le sas d’entrée.

Example : coating curing - Optimisation of a powder coating curing line through the addition of an infrared radiation booster at the entry of the curing oven.

- On your new equipment

  •  To design your new equipment, 
  •  To help you in the decision making process prior to an investment,  
  •  To help you choose the supplier throughout the reception of the oven or furnace.

In order to fullfil your expectations, we can work closely together in the design phase, on site or at (y)our research facilities…


Peinture – Conception d’un équipement infrarouge pour la gélification de peintures poudres.

Example : coating curing – design of an infrared radiating equipment for the gellification of a powder coating.



Productivity increase and energy savins through the use of infrared radiation in the forging industry

The use of infrared radiating gaz burners for the pre-heating of forging tools allows for the optimisation of the process (efficiency through fast pre-heating, productivity through fast start-up of production, energy savings through shorter cycles).

The metal fibre burner as shown below is an infrared radiating heating tool, double faced, made of a metal housing and a permeable metal fibre material.  This material is based on extremely fine fibres of the high temperature corrosion resistant Fecralloy®.


Brûleur en fibres métalliques double faces

Example : gas burner with metal fibres, double faced


Heating efficiency 

  • Fast heating (~250°C on the surface within one hour),
  • Reduced heat losses through insertion of the burner between the two tools,
  • Limited risk on hot spots because of the infrared radiation , evenly distributed over the total surface of the forging tool.


- Safety 

  • High resistance to thermal and machanical shocks,
  • No flash back risk,
  • Fast cool down of the gas burner,
  • The use of automated ignition and flame control devices!


- Flexibility

  • The form and size of the double faced gas burner are adapted to the tools to be heated,
  • The burner can be used with a variaty of gasses: propane, butane, natural gas,…