The success of your projects and developments

During the last years, ERATEC intervened in many projects.

We propose you a zoom on some references:




Abatement of hydrogenated emissions:

COMURHEX – AREVA in collaboration with ATANOR (France) 

COMURHEX – AREVA en partenariat avec ATANOR (France)


Design through serial production of mobile infrared radiating heating equipment: drying of prior to road marking, waterproof covering of bridges

AXIMUM (France) and IMPERBEL (Belgium)

AXIMUM (France) IMPERBEL (Belgique)


Development of a catalytic burner for boilers:

European project « Burnercat » : Tecnes (Italy), Merloni (Italy), POLITO (Italy), Sunkiss (France), LACE CNRS (France), Gaz de France (France), Schwanck (Germany), Norta (Lituania)


Support and consulting on the management of ovens for the curing of coatings:

Energy efficiency improvement, productivity increase … (« Conseils, Services et Diagnostics en Process ») : BOXAL, SAVERGLASS, GHM, DECO GALVA (France), FIMEL (Portugal)


Technology transfert - the use of gas fired infrared radiating equipment for baking (bread, biscuits, Pizza …) & energy efficiency improvement: 

Kraft (Europe and Asia), Den Boer Baking System (The Nederlands), Guyon International (France) ...   


Treatment of the nuisant plant of Ambrosia (Ragweed) through infrared radiation (thermal chock):

Proliferation of Ambroisia (Ragweed) – Pollination (public health : allergical reaction) :

Region Rhône-Alpes / CAPV (France) in partnership with Evinerude, Géophyte and Souslikoff