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ERATEC designs, manufactures and distributes Metal Fiber Burners (MFB): refractory stainless steel Structure and Bekaert Bekitnit® deck material. 

The metal fibre burner products are used for the premix gas surface combustion

Gas surface combustion is a technique in which premixed gas and air burns on surface layer of a permeable medium. This permeable mat consists of metal wires converted into a flexible and knitted structure. The metalwires are made out of Fecralloy® (a refractory steel with a high temperature corrosion resistance). 

Bekinit® 200S

Example: Bekinit® 200S (Bekaert)


Metal Fiber Burners

A complete gas burner unit will consist of the burner and other important devices such as gas controls, air and gas mixing device, fan, ignition system and flame control, and modulation electronics. The metal fibre burner mainly consists of a steel/ceramic housing with the metal fibre medium Bekitnit® mounted on top. Distribution plates are used inside the housing to provide for the homogeneity of the combustion. There are two main types of burners: the atmospheric and the fan-driven burner.


Metal Fiber Burners working mode

Depending on the firing intensity, the combustion can occur in two modes:

- Radiant Mode – Infrared: from 100 till 500 kW/m2

The combustion is made inside the knitted material. The permeable medium then heats to incandescence and releases the majority of the energy input as thermal radiation. Flame colour is red/orange.

- Blue flame mode - Convection: from 500 till 10 000 kW/m2

The blue flames hover above the surface and release the majority of the energy through convection.


The metal fibre burner has several advantages compared to other surface burners, to mention: homogeneous combustion with high modulation rate, high efficiency with low emission rate, low pressure drop, flashback safety, thermal expansion control, resistance to thermal shocks, robustness, fast response and fast cool down.

MFB Shape versatility

The flexibility of the metal fibre media and the procedures for securing it to the housing allow for a wide range of burner shapes and sizes: adapted to the application, Compact, Robust.

Taille et formes adaptées à l’application / Compact / Robuste


Metal Fiber Burners features

Properties due to combustion 

  • High modulation capability
  • Firing intensity from 100 to 10 000 kW/m² (Infrared or Blue flames) 
  • Homogeneous combustion  
  • Fast cooldown 

Safety features

  • Flashback safety 
  • High temperature corrosion resitance 
  • Thermal and Mechanical shock resistance
  • High durability 
  • Low thermal inertia  

Environmental impact 

  • Low CO and NOx emissions 
  • Low noise generation


We design, manufacture and distribute Metal Fiber Burners for industrial applications:

  • Drying : Coatings, Powder paint, Textiles, Ceramics, …, 
  • Heating : forging, Die heating, Foundries, Plastic processing, ...,
  • Baking - Cooking : Food industry,
  • Agricultural industry: leaf thinning,  ...

Because of its exceptional characteristics (shape versatility, design adapted to the application …) and the possible advantage (installation most compact, most flexible, most efficient, most safe, most clean, most durable and therefore most economic), the Metal Fibre Burner has been able to gain significant market shares in different applications. New developments are continually being made. 



  • Head burners made of stainless or aluminized steel, 
  • Premix systems  (Atmospheric, Fan driven…),
  • Burners control systems 

Eratec can deliver integrated combustion packages and provide technical support to customers in all issues relating to the design.