The energy of your developments

Processes in the food industry can be divided into three groups:

  • Heating
  • Baking: thermo-chemical transformation
  • Finishing: colouring, grilling, charring, browning...

Because of its characteristics, the radiant Metal Fiber Burners are used in each of these food processing applicationsThey allow the design of high-performing installations: most compact, most flexible, most efficient, most safe, most clean, most durable and therefore most economic.


Improve your existing system : 1 to 1 replacement !


On existing installation, the integration of infrared Metal Fiber Burner instead of traditional convective solutions often leads to energy savings of around 15% to 30%, productivity growth and a better quality of finished products.

The main applications integrating radiant Metal Fiber Burner are:



Baking cookies, crackers and bread in tunnel ovens:

Metal fiber burners are used in many tunnel ovens:

Direct Gas Fired oven: in the DGF oven, the metal fiber burner offers the advantage of input power, shape and size modularity (particularly suited to the cooking chamber) and a high radiative efficiency combined with an excellent clean combustion ..

Indirect Gas Fired Oven: in the IGF oven, Infrared heat transfer results in greater efficiency.


(image) Food_MFB_DGF1.jpg

Cookies baking (DGF Oven)

(image) Food_MFB_DGF3.jpg 

 Cookies baking (DGF Oven)

(image) Food_MFB_DGF2.jpg

 Biscottes baking (DGF Oven)


(image) Food_multizone_burner.png     

Multizone Metal Fiber Burner used in the DGF Oven



 Pizza ovens:


(image) Food_MFB_Pizza4.png (image) Food_MFB_Pizza5.png

 Attaching the cheese on pizza before freezing


(image) Food_MFB_Pizza6.png (image) Food_MFB_Pizza7.png

Pizza cooking in a stone sole oven

Pizza cooking on metal sole


Defrosting and cooking pf prepared meals:

The high radiative efficiency of the Metal Fiber Burner allows for compact professional cooking devices and reduces service times.

Depending on the power density, infrared treatment can only be surface or more in the heart of the product. Its implementation is easy (very low thermal inertia ignition or extinction). The infrared radiants developed by ERATEC fit very well in addition to a cooking line. In a short time without altering the product, the infrared can give a surface appearance to your product orcomplete the cooking.


(image) Food_MFB_Decongelation8.png 

MFB Burner installed on the top of defrosting and cooking oven


Browning and Grilling:

The Metal Fiber Burners are commonly used for meat or vegetables grilling applications, browning and/or caramelized pastryThe high power densities combined with good efficiency of radiation allow to obtain quality products in a very short time.


Browning meat in an industrial roaster

(image) Food_MFB_Rotissoire8.png



(image) Food_MFB_Meringue10.png

Lemon meringue pie coloring


Pancakes machines:

(image) Food_MFB_Crepes11.png  

The integration of infrared Metal Fiber Burners in place of convection burners (Blue Flame burner) in a pancakes machine reduces significantly energy costs. The shape versatility of Metal Fiber Burners allows to adapt to all types of crepe machine (cooking disk ...)


 Decontamination of food surfaces by infrared:

    (image) Food_MFB_Decontamination13.png
    Decontamination of the cheeses crust 

Other applications:

(image) Food_MFB_Friteuse14.png            (image) Food_MFB14.png

Dual-Metal Fiber Burners with the air/gas system for industrial fryers

The integration of Metal Fiber Burners to replace electric heating resistances in small furnaces (for breads and pastries) can reduce time to starting-up furnaces 


(image) Food_MFB15.png

MF Burner used in domestic applications for cooking

(image) Food_MFB16.png



  • Head burners made of stainless or aluminized steel, 
  • Premix systems  (Atmospheric, Fan driven…),
  • Burners control systems 

Eratec can deliver integrated combustion packages and provide technical support to customers in all issues relating to the design.