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Increased power density and Infrared efficiency to increase your productivity !

Infrared radiation is widely used in the heating and curing of coated products. The Metal Fiber Burner technology allows for high flux infrared heat transfer, increasing productivity.

The fast response of the Metal Fiber Burner allows for accurate temperature control of the surface of the heated product, reducing production costs, saving space, increasing product quality and reducing rejects.  

The main coating applications integrating infrared Metal Fiber Burners are:


 Powder paint curing:

The Metal Fiber Burner Technology is particularly suitable for the powder paint curing taking place at higher temperatures than liquid paint drying. Their use applied in power coating curing furnaces allowed for a productivity increase of 20-30%.

 (image) MFB_Powder_Coating_IR.jpg



(image) Part_Coating_Application_with_MFB.jpg

Powder paint gelification on bases of candelabra

              Oven equipped with 6 infrared radiant Metal Fiber Burners for the power paint curing on valve bodies

 Preheating support:


Use of radiant Metal Fiber Burner for preheating parts before painting.

(image) Coating_MFB_4.jpg

(image) Coating_MFB_3.png 

Cast-iron parts preheating before powder paint application

Oven equipped with 18 infrared radiant Metal Fiber Burners for the power paint curing on  metal tanks

 Boosting of existing hot air ovens:

Infrared radiants integration at the entrance of existing convection oven to increase the drying and/or polymerization capacityimproving productivity and quality of finished products.


                             (image) Coating_MFB_Booster_1.jpg             (image) Coating_MFB_Booster_2.jpg

IR boosting of powder coating curing oven on aluminum profiles

 Infrared burners installed atthe beginning of convection oven to reduce the heat-up time of coated parts


  • Head burners made of stainless or aluminized steel, 
  • Premix systems  (Atmospheric, Fan driven…),
  • Burners control systems 

Eratec can deliver integrated combustion packages and provide technical support to customers in all issues relating to the design.